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Indian Head Massage


What is Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage is a sequence of movements that evolved from both a traditional practice known as Champi and the rich tradition of family grooming in the Indian sub-continent. Indian women originally performed stimulating hair and scalp massages for each other in conjunction with the use of oils to keep their long hair beautiful.

The traditional head and scalp massage experienced many changes by the time it was introduced to the West in the early 1980s by pioneers such as Narendra Mehta. Its emphasis now is to encourage relaxation from everyday stress and tension. Thus Indian Head Massage developed into a flowing sequence of non-invasive, relaxing and rhythmic movements that primarily focus on the top half of the body.


How is an Indian Head Massage given?

Indian Head Massage is given while the receiver is seated in a comfortable straight-backed chair. Safe and simple, it does not require removing clothing or the use of oils.

The massage focuses on areas of the body most vulnerable to symptoms of everyday stress and tension, namely:


Why experience an Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage is very effective at encouraging a deep relaxation. The intent is to soothe, soften and relieve stress and tension in the body and mind. It can also create positive energy flows and awareness that prevent stresses from accumulating in the first place.

This massage is particularly beneficial for those who experience headaches, migraine, eyestrain, stiff neck, tense shoulders, clenched jaw, tiredness, insomnia, anxiety and low morale.

Good quality relaxation gives the body an opportunity to heal, re-balance and rejuvenate itself naturally.

As our connection with the body deepens we may begin to feel things that we hadnt noticed before such as our posture, breathing and sense of being grounded. We may also become aware of different sensations, reactions and responses to stimuli. Thus we can gain insight into supporting and treating our self with kindness rather than adding to the stress and tension.

Of course the experience is different for everyone – the best way to find out how you'll experience an Indian Head Massage is to try it for your self.



An appointment is 90 minutes long and includes a consultation, Indian Head Massage (60 minutes approximately), review and integration time.

The benefits of Indian Head Massage are both immediate and cumulative. For longer lasting effects 3 – 5 sessions are recommended.

Appointments are currently offered in Vancouver, Canada.

For more information, cost and to make an appointment please contact susan@seedsoftranquility.com



Shorter Indian Head Massage sessions are available for wellness events, corporate events and private group bookings.

Bookings are generally in the Vancouver area although events held throughout British Columbia, Canada are accepted whenever possible.

For more information, costs and to book your event or group please contact susan@seedsoftranquility.com



I completely underestimated the potential of Indian Head Massage its amazing. It feels as though the body is being worked on from the inside out.
Mike Hargreaves, retired Tree Feller, Vancouver.

Susan brings the level of care, sensitivity and skill to her work that I look for in a good practitioner. She managed to unwind and release a very old, tight and painful upper back and neck problem in an hour. I trust the integrity of her work and her as a person.
Saskia Soeterik, O.T. Body-oriented Psychotherapist, Vancouver.

Ive never felt so relaxed. All the tension in my body seemed to dissolve. Im looking forward to my next session.
Martin Blackwell, Painter and Decorator, Vancouver.